gwen (gwenix) wrote,

And on this American Day, remember the prisoners. In this article from The Mercury news, one article of many out there right now (including on CNN), we find that 6 unnamed terrorism suspects will be brought to a Military Tribunal in Guantanamo Bay. This is a procedure not used since WWII. This is also, sadly, completely unamerican:

Pentagon officials said the six suspects had not yet been charged and the trials were not a certainty.

I do realize that our Constitution only truly protects our own citizens, but dammit -- as I've stated before, there's a reason we have rights. We have a right to a speedy trial. We have a right to not be jailed without charge.

Honestly, jail sucks. Think for a second about being contained in your closet for several months, only let out while fully handcuffed. Unless you're a pretty extreme fetishist, this is a terrible fate. And these men may or may not be terrorists who may or may not have participated in circumstances that may or may not have had to do with acts of probable terrorism.... geez guys. How many innocent people are really in there anyway?

Well, we're not to know, because we're not even allowed to know their identity.

But critics object to the tribunals that they say run roughshod over America's due process of law.

As I've said for months now, Bush has no concept of what Due Process means, nor why it's important.

I celebrate today. I celebrate that I do still live in a voting country, and I pray that we vote this asshole out of office as soon as possible.

God, think of how many of those guys in there have families who have no idea where they are.... and again, how many are actually innocent since they were picked up with not even the usual rigour of our police system? I'll bet quite a few.

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