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Wow, this is awesome. Something I found in one of my directories
on a search for a missing file. I have no idea what I was writing
about anymore, except the vague recollection of it being about
something completely unlikely and amusing. I will now unproudly
display this piece of befuddlement, and welcome anyone to try to
guess at what I was really talking about. Plus, now you know why
I don't write poetry much:

The fumes were thickly spread across the city,
requiring only the mythical knife for cutting.
They clothe the body with burden
clogging respiration with chunks of odor
the tongue languidly lolling about looking for relief
voices mere echoes penetrating the blanket
of darkness for one cannot bear to look.

Caring nothing for this, they work quietly on their tasks of decomposure,
releasing their heavy stench.

Those left utter Demeter's cries to Hades,
while looking upon the destruction, who would be defenestrated next?

Very little steel in the rubble reflects the cyan above and the aqua
showing only the suits for lack of prevention in construction.

vampdsy@dyyme% ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 vampdsy users 668 Sep 2 1999

Sat May 18 05:26:09 EDT 2002

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