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So, yesterday I slept.


Ok, the news.

Bush warns militants who attack U.S. troops in Iraq. Most of this CNN article isn't anything suprising, except towards the end:

For example, Rep. Curt Weldon, R- Pennsylvania, on Tuesday called for troops to leave Iraq as soon as possible. Speaking to a group of business executives in Washington, Weldon, a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, said one of Congress' "greatest concerns is that our government not get bogged down with our military for the long term."

He added, "Yes, we want to guarantee stability in that country," but steps should be taken so that "as soon as possible we can bring our troops back home."

A republican said that? Right on!

Oh, and this picture is funny as hell:

LoBushter. Apparently the sun was effecting him, because this makes even less sense than usual for him:

"Anybody who wants to harm American troops will be found and brought to justice," Bush said. "There are some that feel like if they attack us that we may decide to leave prematurely. They don't understand what they are talking about if that is the case. Let me finish. There are some who feel like the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring them on."

Uh, what? Seriously, I think the only people who have no respect for our military is our Administration.... what, you want the Iraqis to attack our soldiers? Ya gotta be kidding me.

Echoing Iraq politics a year ago, Powell doesn't want us to go into Iran. However, the Reuters article does admit, "A group of hawks close to the Bush administration favors intervention to change the government in Tehran."

Oh, surprise, in Reuters: Bush is for the idea of a constitutional amendment to make Gay Marriage impossible, but thinks it's not really necessary ... yet.

From a source I don't generally include in my news postings, but I felt it was important to point out what happens to the Palestinians, No truce euphoria in two West Bank villages, from the Toronto Star.

Palestinian cabinet minister Yasser Abed Rabbo yesterday called the confiscations a "clear violation" of the U.S.-led "road map" peace plan. "It's not seizure, it's robbery. What they are doing is trying to practise ethnic cleansing on the outskirts of Jerusalem," said Abed Rabbo. "When they steal the land of villagers, they tell them they have no future with nothing to live on. This is the same typical, classic (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon style. Deceive the world. Do it in a quiet way, as he told his ministers."

Basically, suddenly West Bank land is being called "public property" and confiscated from Palestinians by rights of an Ottoman Empire ruling called "Absentee Owner Law" -- if a land is uncultivated for three years, it is public property, a Law that has not been considered since the 70's. While I don't know how intentional it is from the top, I'm sure there is some resentment inspiring this at some level, and I have no doubt it's occurring. When "unexplained attacks" occur, take a moment to consider the position these people are and have been for decades.

Heh, thought Iraq had electricity again? Apparently not, according to the Washington Post.

Ok, that's enough for today.

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