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I'm back!

Origins was much goodness, but short. Next year I make sure I have time to go the full time. Heh.

Anyway, I got on the bus at 9am Friday morning, slept an hour, got to the Con by noonish, did stuff (like register), napped another hour in the afternoon, met up with people for dinner that night (total in the end: 20 folks, yay!) and we ate yummy and dramatic food at the Japanese Steakhouse. Just as deserts were being brought out, plexq pulls slog into the area between the two tables, and surprised the hell out of all of us by getting down on one knee and proposing! Yay!! Of course she said yes.

Next, we returned to the Big Bar on 2 (the hotel bar next to the convention center) and played a lot of games and drank. By the time I staggered into bed at midnght, I was exhausted, too tired to even be drunk.

Saturday was my day of gaming. I departed for the con at 9am, met up with roniliquidity in line, we had breakfast together, then I headed off to the Settlers of Catan qualifiers. And won! Woot! So having a lot of time to spare, ran over to Amul's Exalted game and got the King character... played 5 hours of great gaming with a lot of folks from the Exalted d-list (which I'm not on, but it made for a good experienced game). Then dinner, a bit of spending in the dealer's room (Manacle and Coin were sold out by this point, cry), and then headed into the Settlers of Catan finals..... in the first game of that I was so thoroughly hosed I ended with a very pathetic 2 points. Felt embarassed for being there, but I was glad to have made it that far. Got a nifty ribbon for my badge that said "Event Winner" too.

Then it was off to Milcreek for drinking, which I did while playing Starfarers of Catan with a bunch of folks. Very long session that was, but much fun. At some point I look up to see people watching us, and I made the comment, "Man, I love gaming conventions, when you sit down to play a game while drinking at a party at these, people don't come up to yell at you for being a geek, they come up to watch to see how it's played." At 2amish I staggered back to the room and passed out very drunk.

I had meant to wake up Sunday morning and get back down to more games, but that was not meant to be. At noon, I'm dreaming about being in a club playing pool with Mikey and he calls waking me up. Then I was just really hung over. I hit the dealer's room for more spending before taking off with the newly engaged Sarah and Alex.

We got back in time for Punk Karaoke, so I sang a very good "Eternal Flame" for them, but left early for sheer exhaustion.

So, that's my weekend, was great!

As for the games out this year, there just weren't that many new things for Origins this year. However, WWGS is planning a big announcement for GenCon; and I suspect anyone else with announcements is waiting for GenCon as well. I will be trying to make it out there for more gaming goodness, and I look forward to the new stuff. :)

Plus, it was great to hang out with folks. Yay seeing heron61!

Oh, and pegritz, I have a birthday gift for ya. :)

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