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OK, we all know I'm a gamer geek. But I'm really really really excited right now.

See, I've been playing this game, To Boldly Go for a few years now. It's a turn-based game, taking three turns a week via a web page, and based loosely around the Star Traders game, only with added politics involved. So, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we all jump to our turn pages, then spend the between times deciding parts of our turns while interacting with the other captains in the universe. There are a ton of pages out there hosting scripts to support this game in addition to a ton of mailing lists, etc etc. Lots of fun! And the best part is that I can donate as little or as much time as I can afford to the game. :)

Anyway, I've maintained the top rank of "Most Starnet Accesses" for a while, so the Prophet of the Wise One hailed me yesterday to ask ... if I would be a Chosen of the Wise One.

Oh man. I'm so honored and flattered and happy and ... no, really, I am really excited!

Ok, yes, I'm a total total geek.

And speaking of such things, Sarah and Alex are due in within the next hour to pack my stuff into their car for Origins! They leave tomorrow, I follow out Friday by Greyhound (yay needing to work). Woot!
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