gwen (gwenix) wrote,

The tales of two geek chicks...

<28: gwen> if you want me to get something done, call me a girl.
<28: gwen> I FIGHT THE WORLD!
<28: gwen> seriously. That's how I get shit done.
<28: gwen> Gotta be angry.
<28: 5arah> omg, I got the whole "OMG THERE"S A GIRKL IN THE GAMING STORE" thing yesterday
<28: gwen> whoa, really?
<28: 5arah> was very very very funny
<28: gwen> whoa, did I tell you about my trip to the bookstore with the ubergeek?
<28: 5arah> everything got really quiet
<28: gwen> if not, you tell yours first, I'll tell mine next. :)
<28: 5arah> and then I grabbed a bunch of exalted books
<28: 5arah> and whispers start flying
<28: gwen> whoa, seriously????
<28: gwen> doo
<28: 5arah> the guy at the counter "OMG! nobody buys Exalted around here!":
<28: 5arah> "Uh, sucks to be them, its a great game"
<28: 5arah> and then Alex pipes in that I GM, and its like dead quiet
<28: 5arah> it was WAY too funny
<28: gwen> shit man, I should visit just to buy all the exalted that keeps running out here.
<28: 5arah> even Alex thought it was amusing
<28: gwen> yah, wow. :)
<28: 5arah> if its bad enough HE notices :P
<28: gwen> so, like, Matt (Arcane Matt) was in town and took me over to Half Price Books.
<28: 5arah> yay!
<28: 5arah> half price books!
<28: gwen> yah, no shit. Alex is way dense. :)
* 28: 5arah laughs
<28: gwen> So, I headed over to the SciFi section because I was really digging on Greg Egan, but gave my copy of the only book I had of his to Ranju for her flight home.
* 28: 5arah nodsnods]
<28: gwen> While looking through the section (no Greg Egan, but did find some good old Ray Bradbury and Philip K Dick) some really really really ubergeek guy comes up and starts talking to me.
<28: gwen> Like, "you read " blah ", right?"
<28: gwen> and blah would be some cheese ass fantasy sci fi crap I hate.
<28: gwen> "newp"
* 28: 5arah laughs
<28: 5arah> you read Robert Jordan, right??
<28: gwen> "Well, ok, do you like, " blah "?"
<28: gwen> "newp"
<28: gwen> "Ok, you're not one of those trekkie types, are you?"
* 28: 5arah laughs and laughs
<28: gwen> "newp"
<28: gwen> "Oh, good. I mean, I've watched the show, but I'm not like my friend who wears the ears."
<28: gwen> "...."
* 28: 5arah laughs
<28: 5arah> !!!
<28: 5arah> that's awesome :)
<28: gwen> "Though, you'd really like this one episode, " names an episode " where... you know who Data is?"
<28: gwen> Yah
<28: 5arah> you should have dove be3hind a counter or something
<28: gwen> me: "No, I usually like cyberpunk more than anything" trying to derail him from trekkies.
<28: gwen> "Oh, ok."
<28: 5arah> don't fuel his fire!!
<28: gwen> "See, I work with computers."
<28: gwen> "Oh."
<28: 5arah> 'omg!!"~
<28: gwen> then he wandered off.
* 28: 5arah laughs.
<28: 5arah> nice.
<28: gwen> No, see, I knew a girl who'd know more than him would scare him away. :)
* 28: 5arah grins
<28: gwen> Though, he did follow me around the store. When I picked up GWAR, he got up the courage to ask about them. "You haven't heard of GWAR?" "No, are they good?" "You're better off not knowing GWAR, believe me."
<28: gwen> I'll bet he picked up a copy after I left.
* 28: 5arah laughs.
<28: gwen> Now I just imagine some poor geek soul listening to "HE BLED LIKE A STUCK PIG" and wondering what that means. :)
<28: 5arah> "they're much too arty for you"
* 28: 5arah laughs
<28: gwen> doooooo, I thought these people didn't exist anymore
* 28: 5arah laughs, no way
<28: gwen> Like, I thought that the influx of chix to LARPs and Anime changed all that!
<28: 5arah> they'll always exist
<28: gwen> Man, that's so frightening. :)
* 28: 5arah nods
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