gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, I got my first anti-aging cream, ever, yesterday from Oil of Olay. I feel kinda weird about this, but I justify it with, "I'm not actually getting it for the 'anti-aging' benefits', which I'm not.

See, it's an eye gel thing, for "soothing of the area around the eyes, and removal of wrinkles". Now, I really did get it for the former and not the latter properties. I'm not afraid of wrinkles, and I don't really have them around my eyes anyway. I got it for the soothing part. Long time ago, someone gave me this eye moisterizer sample, and I found that it's the best thing for making me feel less stressed, ever. So I got the gel for this reason. :)

I'll continue to deny that this around the eye stress thing only started a few years ago, so prolly is a sign of aging itself. :)
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