gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Er, something I never expected to see on the front page of CNN, U.S. forces hunt Saddam loyalists

This week's sweep in Iraq initially netted only a sleepy, bewildered group of children, women, the elderly and a sprinkling of men, Wedeman reported.

The U.S. troops bound their hands behind their backs with plastic, detaining them in the front yard of a house belonging to a former mid-level officer under the Baath Party regime, while they searched every room of their house. The men and teenage boys were taken away for questioning.

I understand this is a response to the attacks (which, in turn, are a response to our invading), but think about this for a moment. We're going from door to door, entering and searching homes, and removing the men and boys (the breadwinners). This is the worst nightmare for a bunch of people whose (generally) only crime is being in a country that has been invaded.

"We were astounded," Mohamed Al-Jabouri, an Iraqi citizen who was not detained, said after the raid. "We imagined the Americans would bring freedom and democracy, but the opposite has happened."

Even more scary, Thousands of American troops backed by jets, helicopters and unmanned drone aircraft swarmed a town north of Baghdad...

Way to win moral support.

Both articles link this to Saddam sightings (will he become Elvis' evil twin now?), implying that this effort is to find Saddam himself... note, "implying"... which is even more ridiculous. Ask the Drug War Veterans, they'll all tell you that the only way to get someone out, especially a powerful leader, is to find someone to rat on him. Terrorizing neighborhoods is not going to produce that result.

In other news, UK wants cash cut off to Palestinian militants.

Britain called on Thursday for greater international efforts to cut off funds for militant Palestinian groups after a suicide bomber killed 16 Israelis and wounded more than 100 on a Jerusalem bus.

Wait, who's been funding them? Out of those who'd be listening to this plea, that is? Er, oh:

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw also called for unspecified sanctions against supporters of the militants.

It's more excuses to go after countries in the Middle East.

Oh, this is cool... Blixa... er, Blix just rules: Blix: U.S. 'Leaned On Us'

"We cannot exclude that they may find something," he said of coalition forces in Iraq, before adding: "It's true that the Iraqis misbehaved and had no credibility, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they were in the wrong."

And in closing, in a really sad article about a plane crash in Australia during WWII killing 40 soldiers, and its coverup, there's a picture that seems almost out of place. It's of the crash with a bunch of guys standing on top, grinning. But there is one on there that just make me go, "WOW". Damn doo, if only I could go back in time and... *ahem*


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