gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Report predicts 'high probability' of al Qaeda attack

Now, just reading the headline, I thought, "Man, haven't they gotten tired of crying wolf yet?" Then I read the article. Allow me to point some things out:

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- A "high probability" exists that al Qaeda will attempt an attack using a biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear weapon within the next two years, according to a U.S. report presented to a U.N. committee.


The diplomat said the report did not mean to suggest the United States had specific intelligence about such an incident being attempted within two years... The report did not specify where a strike could occur...

So, wait, there's no actual report of a threat, but there's a threat? How's that work? Oh, here we go:

"U.S. government investigations have revealed a widespread militant Islamic presence in the United States," the report said. "We strongly suspect that several hundred of these extremists are linked to al Qaeda."

It added that U.S. investigations have found no evidence that those groups or individuals supporting al Qaeda are "actively engaged in planning or carrying out a terrorist attack."

But it warned that "the support structure is sufficiently well-developed that one or more groups or individuals could be used by al Qaeda to carry out operations in the United States or could decide to act independently."

So, in other words, there's circumstantial evidence that perhaps there could be a threat based on the (racist) assumption that all Islamic groups will eventually be requisitioned by al Queda. Oh, I'm sorry, militant Islamic groups. As I've posted in the past that some of these classifications are rather loosely assigned, I'm not sure this means anything.

So why is this still being press released and the cry of wolf being made? I mean, it's not like anyone really pays attention to these things anymore... but the second paragraph shows it:

The report -- submitted April 17 -- predicted that al Qaeda "will remain for the foreseeable future the most immediate and serious terrorism threat facing the United States."

As long as al Queda remains a threat, we have the justification for various actions, militarily and politically speaking (*ahem* the executions at Guatanamo Bay *ahem*).

Surprise, Hamas vows vengeance after attack. Even GWB himself is not happy with the attacks: In Washington, Bush criticized Israel's actions Tuesday, saying he doesn't believe "the attacks helped Israeli security." I think is the first time I've agreed with him. Of course, I doubt he sees the irony.

I will end this report on fantastic news, though. Ontario men wed following court ruling.

TORONTO - In a landmark decision, Ontario's highest court Tuesday upheld a lower court decision to legally allow same- sex marriages.

"The existing common law definition of marriage violates the couple's equality rights on the basis of sexual orientation under (the charter)," read the 61-page decision.

The current definition of marriage is invalid and the laws must be changed, said the three judges. The court ordered Toronto city clerks to immediately begin issuing marriage licences.

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