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Human Virus Scanner

The virus that have infected you will be show here along with thier cures,
if known.

Viruses you suffer from:

Grow up. Let your roots grow out. Listen to Britney.

Anything this old must be obselete. Go and install a nice modern
operating system. I hear MSDOS has come a long way lately.

Escape Meta Alt Control Shift.

Free BSD
The GPL isn't that bad really. Adopt a penguin at the zoo.

Viruses you might suffer from:

Industrial (70%)
Everyone likes folk. No, really. Maybe you should listen to
the Incredible String Band.

8-Bit (70%)
Polygons, all the polygons you can get are not enough.

X11 (60%)
I hear Mac OS 10 Aqua is nice at this time of year.

Macintosh (60%)
Use a mouse with more than one button.

Prog Rock (60%)
Long hair looks dumb with a bald spot. Listen to CD's they
don't crackle.

(The last is only because I like Pink Floyd, but other than that, hit the mark pretty damn well.)

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