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Israeli gunships fire at vehicle in Gaza
GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Israeli helicopter gunships launched missiles Tuesday at a vehicle in Gaza City, apparently targeting a Hamas official who this past weekend had declared that the militant group would continue attacks against Israel.

This isn't politics, it's civil warfare.

I mean, the deal is, Israel doesn't want to give any ground, because it wants to remain a Jewish state. However, the Palestinians want their old countrymen back, and they want rights to the land they consider theirs, land that was yanked from them in some arbitrary decision post-WWII. The deal Abbas made wouldn't allow anyone back, and wouldn't allow any weapons to the Palestinians, but it said, "We'll do peace if you do peace!" Without means to protect themselves, some Palestinians (Hammas) said, "Uh, this would leave us vulnerable, I say no," then stupidly said no by attacking someone. Israel goes, "Oh yah??? Well, take THIS," and proves their superior firepower... on the leader.

This is childish, it's stupid. ON BOTH SIDES. It's time to stop backing Israel, and leaving the two sides to figure it out. Of course, without the US backing Israel, they lose it all.

If you want to call me anti-semitic for not wanting to back Israel, then fuck you. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, I saw the results of the concentration camp in my neighbors, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the religion. But this isn't their religion anymore. Israel, by saying "We don't want their kind back in our country" has shown to have succombed to the racism that the Jewish People were very much subjected to last century. This is stupidity.

OK, rant on that out.

Bush is absolutely convinced we'll find WMDs. I'm only posting this article here for the picture.... Snowe is sitting next to Bush, does that mean it's a .. SNOWE JOB?

Ok, I know it was bad, but couldn't resist. :)

Er, wow. Rumsfeld is asking for more postwar aid in keeping the peace. So, I know that we are having difficulty proving that this war was justified, and I know we've all already overspent our budgets, but could you please help some more? Oh, and by the way, all those protests and riots? That's only because they're still afraid of Saddam maybe being alive (*cough*whowestillhaven'tfound*cough*), not because their country was invaded.


On the other hand, the Washington Post is reporting U.S. Soldiers Face Growing Resistance, Attacks in Central Iraq Become More Frequent and Sophisticated. The discrepency between Rumsfeld's words and this article are amazing:

Almost every day, well-organized groups of assailants using assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars are ambushing U.S. Army convoys, patrols, checkpoints, garrisons and public offices used by troops to interact with the civilian population.

In response, U.S. forces are trying to crush resistance through house-to-house searches, arms seizures and deadly force, in some cases with fatal consequences for innocent bystanders.

Also that it's likely a group is going from town to town to rouse support for guerrila-type of attacks against American Soldiers. The intent is to pick off our boys one by one. I don't like this news, not one bit. This is very very interesting when Rumsfeld specifically said that the resistance isn't organized, nor has any centralization.

And why are they doing this? Well, the last paragraph is just as startling as the descriptions of the attacks:

Many residents of Fallujah are demanding that U.S. forces withdraw from the town. The U.S. response has been to step up patrols. Almost every day, motorists with cars battered by errant tanks or Bradley fighting vehicles show up at city hall to ask for compensation. Maj. Peter Buotte, with the 411th Civil Affairs Battalion, said he instructs the Iraqis to fill out a form, which he tells them will eventually result in payment for the damage.

The administration is so damn good at PR here in America, they really should be trying some of that magic over in Iraq. I'm serious, I didn't want to be right, I want my friend out of danger -- this is increased danger. If everyone is so damn serious about actual peace, this has all got to stop. And it can only stop with some compromise and a lot of morale.

That applies to Israel too, of course.

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