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Ok, an appropriate post.

So, I had meant to get to the gaming store today and pick up the
new edition of Nobilis, and then get to the Comix store and pick
up the remaining Kabuki graphic novel I have yet to get... but I
woke up too late. I guess being awake 21.5 hours before getting
to bed last morning was too much for my system. Instead, I got to
class 2 minutes late.

Well, I wouldn't have been late if the f(*&#$ing elevators in that
building weren't broken! Six floors of climbing stairs! *grumble*

However, class is going well. I like the prof -- he's young, but
knows how to convey the subject well enough. I reserve questions
I have that I know will confound the class until after the lecture;
it's becoming a habit for him and I to be the last in that room
chatting about programming language quirks and me prying his brain
for further information on the last lecture's subject. Is neat!

After that I'd planned to go to the Beehive and read my textbook
over coffee and then play some pinball until work started 3 hours
later. Instead, I realized I'd left my glasses in the classroom!
The sixth floor classroom. With the broken elevators. Argh!

So while recuperating, I logged into IRC and found Aleris. Got
the OK from him and Dustin for stopping by Telerama for half an
hour while Aleris finished up work, so did so and passed out on
their very comfy couch during that time; then drove Aleris home
and hung out with him and lokipgh for 20 mins.

Now work! Work itself has been fairly uneventful excepting the
lingering acrid smell of a microwave popcorn attempt gone horribly
awry (coworker put in a defective bag, went back 3.5 mins later to
find yellow smoke pouring out of the microwave -- he had the damn
bag under water for 5 mins before the smouldering went out).

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