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So, as eolh and I left my house last night, it was hot, muggy, and sunny. As we arrived at Kevin's 10 minutes later, the front started to come in, and his power went out. We rushed back to my house to close the windows, and by that point the full thunderstorm had hit us. When we got to Ryan's Pub half an hour after that, the power was completely out, but the storm was done.

We waited until 9:30pm for people to show up, but only got Ray and Christine. We headed over to the Waterfront's Pizzaria Uno's (after making several phone calls to see who was open and/or had power) to find the TGIF next door with a dozen fire trucks and guys crawling around on the roof (probably struck by lightning). After we left Uno's to go home, power was still evidently out in Squirrel Hill (though on in Dormont).

That was one hell of a storm, an hour of littering power outages all around the city.

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