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This is sad, but not unexpected: Hamas breaks off Abu Mazen talks

A spokesman for Hamas, Abdelaziz al-Rantissi, told the BBC that the prime minister's promise had opened the door for Israel to kill Palestinians at will, and that Hamas had been left with no choice but to continue fighting Israel.

On a related note, I like how CNN was posting, "BREAKING NEWS! Hamas ends cease-fire talks with Palestinian Authority, rejects calls for end to intifada. Details to come." but I could find the details on BBC. Good show guys.

Bush is still flailing in his claims of WMDs. According to CNN, he's going to "Reveal the Truth" shortly. I know this will incur a lot of "you're being leftist" responses out of you guys, but what truth when he's telling the Polish that he's found WMDs we can't seem to find anywhere? bryant has a better post on this subject than I could ever make.

Oh, and this is really really funny, but I was wondering when someone would point this out: Protest groups possible security threat: CSIS (from the CBC).

OTTAWA - Some Canadian animal rights, anti-globalization and white supremacist groups may pose a terrorist threat, revealed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's latest annual report.

Honestly, if we really did live up to our classification of terrorists (rather than somehow managing to only apply it to select groups in the Middle East), white supremacist groups really do fit the bill. I'm not sure about other protest groups, we don't really fit the part about being armed; but white supremacist groups in the midwest sure seem tied in with certain militias. Plus, they're pretty easily shown to be responsible in some part for a host of murders in this country in the past century and a half. Including, *drum roll*, the Oklahoma City Bombing....

Yes, I know the article is out of Canada, but it applies to us too. Deal.

Now, the article then goes on to say, "It looks as though CSIS is lumping together anyone who disagrees with the government." Which is true, but as I said... we're talking about our current definition of terrorism. It seems to be able to be applied pretty liberally, and wants to be.

Also, again, I go outside of the country to find out important articles about within, from the CBC, U.S. urges stronger anti-terror legislation.

The U.S. government asked Congress on Thursday to toughen the anti-terror law so that people accused of terrorist crimes would face the death penalty.

Combine this with our current definition of terrorism, and a number of laws that have, actually, been proposed or put into effect that labels almost anything or anyone as terrorists (I recall offhand the Portland labelling of protests as acts of terrorism, or the fact that pipe-bombs, long used by kids across the country, are now listed as terrorism weapons with the FBI) ... well, we could put anyone on death row with that law. And since it'd be labelled as "terrorism", then there's a whole emotional reaction spurning people to make that more likely; this is a very dangerous thing.

"But, what about the actual terrorists???" you might ask. Well, the funny thing is... we already have the death penalty in most states for, well, murder. Terrorists who are actual terrorists will have broken this law, and already be subject to it. So what's the point of making the new decree?

Ah, here's why:

But critics of the anti-terror law said it has allowed the government free rein to mistreat illegal immigrants.

A report released by the U.S. inspector general found "significant problems" with how the Bush administration treated 762 illegal immigrants arrested on the belief they had connections to terrorists.

Only one person was charged with a terrorism-related crime in the U.S. and 505 people were deported. Some were held for up to eight months and others complained of abuse, said the report.

Why is it our administration in charge of foreign policy are proving themselves so bloody xenophobic?

Actually, just went to the New York Times and found the two important articles I thought absent in this country. Kudos to them! Hamas Halts Truce Talks With Abbas and Ashcroft Seeks More Power to Pursue Terror Suspects.

In a weird turn of events, I was watching Fox News the other night (it was on between the Simpsons, and I was sick at mom's house with no remote), and discovered a commentary they ran was point for point out of a Weekly Standard editorial. Damn, guys. Damn.

Ok, done.

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