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Suddenly I could transform into an angel, but a steel angel with steel wings, breastplate, helmet. Which was good when I got into fights, armor rules especially against knives. And I could fly, so I flew around a lot. Occasionally I'd stop back into the house to watch Moyer and his friends play games on the console, then I'd fly again. Or get into more fights. It was stormy.

Then suddenly we were being invaded by UFOs. I had to be the one to rescue people from top floors because I could fly and get them out quickly, we were all headed for hiding underground. Then there was this little girl I was rescuing, and she wanted her kitten, so we looked for the kitten before getting her down, finding it. But then I remembered my own cat, so had to go look for him; but now my house wasn't filled with console gamers, it was filled with aliens.

I woke up just as I found Maxx admist fighting the aliens.
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