gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Jeremy will hate me for this one.

Sorry, popejeremy, I just defended IndyMedia on the censorship thread. But, I had to. It wasn't about defending them so much as not being able to resist.

Dude that was whining for a couple dozen paragraphs about how he was censored on IndyMedia (which very well might be the case, but hey), rests one of his major points in the following paragraph:

I tried to comment on the IMC site several times that day. But some how they had identified me and were able to preclude my from commenting. Since I use a lap top computer I was able to try logging on from someplace away from work to see if this changed anything. It did not. Whether I accessed IMC from Starbucks, home, or through a dial-up I was locked out and got the same message. IMC could not have tagged my particular computer without identifying me. (Wait, it gets worse.)

To which I felt compelled to respond:

As a computer expert, specializing in the internet and web practices, there is only one way they could have "tagged" your laptop by the methods you describe: through the use of cookies. If you think cookies are intrusive and abuse your rights to privacy, well, you're right. So turn them off.

Problem solved.

Yes, I'm proud of myself for this. :)
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