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news time.

In CNN, more stuff on how badly Iraq is being handled. No need to repeat it here, there's about 6 articles on the matter you can find if you can get past the front page, and it's more of the same.

In USA Today (not a paper I read, but it was googled), there's an article on those who protest the FCC relaxation rules. Now, honestly, I'd be for this if they'd accompany it with a disbanding of the FCC altogether and lost all of the telecommunications rules. The proposed relaxations would work wonderfully if there really was a freedom of the market; but since you have to have a lot of money and the like to get all the required licenses, licenses for everyone on the air, licenses to pay their mom, lice.. you get the picture. Only the big guys can get into this act in the first place, there's no need to squeeze it down to only the mega-big guys. It'll pass though. Clear Channel saw to it they bribed Bush for it (or what else did you think those CC sponsored Pro-War protests were about?)

A lot of articles in Google were talking happily about the consumers' expectations of economic recovery, but if you actually go to The Financial Times, you'll find a slightly more grim picture of it. I like how people care what the consumers think anyway -- yes, they make the stocks rise, but we saw where that got us in the late 90's. Last I checked (last week), Alan Greenspan was still predicting tumultuous markets for a while, and we're still watching a whole lot of businesses, including Savings and Loans institutions, go bankrupt.

And by the way, I thought about it, and I'm pretty sure GWB has spent about a trillion dollars of federal money in the past three months. Anyone know where he's getting that from?

So, back to the news. Whoa! American Account of Killing of 2 Journalists Is Disputed from the New York Times! I'd seen this drifting about on various lefty papers (hell, I might have posted something about that here), but here it is in mainstream press:

There is no evidence that American forces were fired on from the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad before they shelled the building, killing two of nearly 100 journalists staying there, a journalist advocacy group said today.

I love living in times that make the conspiracy rags seem tame.

From The Washington Post:

Some administration officials, especially at the Pentagon, are urging the administration to adopt steps to destabilize the Iranian government in the wake of unconfirmed intelligence reports that suggested al Qaeda operatives in Iran helped plan the May 12 suicide bombing attacks against residential compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

There's also news of intelligence reports of nuclear facilities, which is probably true, but I'm given to question our (lack of) Intelligence reports these days.

And this is interesting:

The World Health Organization, fending off an attempt by the United States to derail the measure, won broad new authority yesterday to fight international health threats such as severe acute respiratory syndrome.

My first reaction was, "Wtf? Aren't we trying to save the world, officially?" But then I found that it's because the Bush Administration doesn't want anyone (else) to have power over anything worldwide. Ah, ok, that makes sense. For what it's worth, I find the ruling scary anyway. It's a global invasion of privacy, no need for a search warrant to search a country for.. er.. disease, yah, that's it.

heron61 should not read this. Please note that the National Review is one of those presses our administration listens (voices?) to, and this article is about how we should install Good Christian Morals, including taking out the parts of the Koran that might perhaps invoke extremism.


Ok, done reading the news on that note.

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