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Yah, ok.

I guess it's 4am and I haven't posted to this thing yet. Is the
novelty finally wearing off? prolly.

Today was productive. I woke up at 10am (which is usually bad when
I gotta work that night), putzed around online for an hour or so,
got a load of laundry in the washer, took a bath, read the rest of
chapter 2 for class tomorrow, then was tired so tried to go back
to bed for a nap.

Within half an hour a creditor called. I know they're creditors
when I say "hello?" and there's silence for 10 seconds, then a
click as a machine determines I'm not an answering machine and
someone picks up on the other end. As always, he asks for some
random person who doesn't live at my number anymore, I reply, "who
is this?" .. he hung up. Hung. Up. I mean, I'd fielded another
call from a creditor earlier that day, and they actually listened
at least as far as to let me say, "look, that person doesn't live
here anymore, please take me off your list." This one HUNG UP.
I went down to see if this particular agency comes up in caller
id. Of course not. I called the phone company to find out if
there's anything I can do (I'm getting 10-20 of these a day at this
point, btw; phone number must have belonged to some house of deadbeat
losers before us), and of course, I could change my phone number!

Gah. I hate phone companies.

So, anyway, while I was on the phone with the effervescently useless
customer service rep, a friend calls in ("oh wow, it's not a
creditor!") She's off work today, was thinking about reading a
book, sounded like she needed company. I asked if she wanted to
hang out while I cleaned and did a grocery run. Sure! So, we did
so, pausing in my work to create some Feng Shui characters (well,
char for her, campaign NPCs and plotline for me:), then ran off to
the Mega-Giant Eagle on the Waterfront for lots of good wholesome
Organic/Vegetarian supplies.

Then I made "CA Sandwiches" pretty badly (good lord I should just
never enter a kitchen), and I ran her home before running off to
work. I've since spent the entire time at work installing the
ports hierarchy so that I can install some package within that
requires too many dependencies to do without ports.


Ok, I'm off. bibi!

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