June 6th, 2010


Penn Brewery's Microbrewers Fest

Penn Brewery has an interesting history, especially most recently. In the last few years, the long time owner Tom Pastorius sold it to someone, that someone ran it into the ground quickly, and Tom Pastorius eventually bought it back. Penn Brewery was closed during this last transition and has recently re-opened to its former glory, including the restaurant, brewing, and bottling.

But that is not today's story. Today's story is about their Microbrewery Fest held out in the large beer garden. The UB and I went, and sampled about 25 beers; most of which we had not tried before (and we try a lot of beers!) In the past at brewfests, I've tweeted as I sampled, but today I tried something new: I recorded my reactions. I will attempt to summarize my list here, but also link to my more immediate reactions to each beer as I tasted them.
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So, all in all, a very good set of 26 beer samples. I will note that there were many more beers than we sampled on site (for instance, we had none of the Magic Hat brews.. or even Penn Brewery's itself!), but that was because in interest of calories, time, and drunkenness, we wanted to concentrate on the beers we haven't had before, or haven't had in a while. If you are local, and a beer lover, I recommend hitting this brewfest next year!