February 24th, 2010


Dear iPhone App developers..

I may not be the most typical user of the iPhone*, I suspect most people don't put a pterm (putty) app on their phone in the first day so that they are sure they can get SSH access to their UNIX servers. However, I do suspect I have a lot in common with most iPhone users in what I consider to be the primary uses for it:

1) This is my primary, and perhaps only, phone. (This one does not apply to the iPod Touch users.)
2) This is my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant); I depend on my calendaring app, and I also use the notes and other life-utility apps frequently to keep my life in order.
3) This is my music player. I also listen to podcasts on this.

Given these three primary uses, I often go through apps in an almost ADD fashion as I need them. I might also be in the middle of using an app when I receive a phone call... or perhaps just a need to check on something more important than what I'm doing right then ("Am I late for my dentist appointment?")
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* Please note that I also mean the iPod Touch, I did start out with one myself! However, I am not going to laboriously list it explicitly in every sentence. Consider this justice for your eyes!