November 26th, 2008


"Why Churches Fear Gay Marriage"

Thanks to fizzbang for tweeting this interview with Richard Rodriguez. He is a gay man, a strong catholic, and a latino in San Francisco; so his views on gay marriage, prop 8, the church's viewpoint and how it all relates to feminism is very insightful. I highly recommend reading this. But I'll excerpt these two paragraphs as a tantalizing tidbit:

Monotheistic religions feel threatened by the rise of feminism and the insistence, in many communities, that women take a bigger role in the church. At the same time that women are claiming more responsibility for their religious life, they are also moving out of traditional roles as wife and mother. This is why abortion is so threatening to many religious people -- it represents some rejection of the traditional role of mother.

In such a world, we need to identify the relationship between feminism and homosexuality. These movements began, in some sense, to achieve visibility alongside one another. I know a lot of black churches take offense when gay activists say that the gay movement is somehow analogous to the black civil rights movement. And while there is some relationship between the persecution of gays and the anti-miscegenation laws in the United States, I think the true analogy is to the women's movement. What we represent as gays in America is an alternative to the traditional male-structured society. The possibility that we can form ourselves sexually -- even form our sense of what a sex is -- sets us apart from the traditional roles we were given by our fathers.

Been sick, so the Pittsburgh outings have been less ...

So, I haven't posted about what I have done in this city in a bit because I've been sick. Being sick sucks, and tends to cut down on your desire to venture outside of the house when it's cold.

I did, however, make it to Bacon Night at Harris Grill last night for dinner. Bacon Night is Harris Grill's weekly night dedicated to bacon. Starting just as happy hour ends at 6:30pm, baskets of bacon are distributed for free to everyone at the bar, and to tables for $1/basket. Harris Grill also has a nice selection of beers on tap and in bottles, so the combo of bacon and beer brings a lot of 20-30-something adults in who use this opportunity to talk to anyone who is at the bar. I normally have to skip this because it conflicts with my rehearsel time; but since I couldn't sing anyway, the UB and I headed to HG for bacon and beer (well, I punted on the beer, being sick) and good conversation with friends and people I had just met.

Anyway, it's Thanksgiving weekend, so my Pittsburghing may be slack (in lieu of heading to friends' places), but definitely in the plans is going to the last night of Ceremony at Pegasus on Saturday.