November 20th, 2008


Last night in Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh PodCamp Meetup.

In the interest of giving some idea of how much there is to do for a thirty-something-ish here in Pittsburgh these days, I'm going to start detailing some of what goes on in my evenings. I'll do this for however long it takes me to get bored of the blogging, but I hope even a week or so of this will give an idea of how much our little city has changed from the wasteland it was for my age group even just a few years ago. All of these posts will be tagged "Pittsburgh".

Last night the UB and I hit PodCamp Pittsburgh's meetup. Podcamp Pittsburgh is a group surrounding social media, and is what has motivated me to finally start blogging about my interaction with this city. Members are friendly twenty-to-forty-somethings, with probably the average being in the early 30's. People get together and discuss their startup aspirations, their blogging techniques, and general life.
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