August 29th, 2008


Whoops, bad choice, McCain.

By now, you should have heard that McCain announced his VP selection, Sarah Palin. On the face of things, she might seem like a good idea -- she's non-threatening to him with her inexperience, she's young and female, breaking his old white men stereotype, she's a beauty queen (and America has always responded to beauty), and she's his kind of "maverick". But there's something you do not do when you're going into a presidential election... you do not have this sort of scandal hanging over you:

However, she is currently herself under investigation by state lawmakers over the dismissal of a state public safety commissioner.

She is alleged to have sacked him because he did not dismiss a state trooper involved in a contentious divorce from her younger sister.

Really? Even if that isn't true, that sort of current and active scandal is the sort of thing that can kill you; and it's entirely possible that it is true. So, McCain comes out of this looking desperate for choosing someone despite her obvious problems -- it's clear he just wanted a woman to combat Obama's minority status.

I swear, it's like McCain wants to lose -- every time he gains some ground in this race, he shoots himself in the foot with something incredibly stupid.
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