July 15th, 2008


gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 11:25 @cfox74 :(
  • 12:42 woo hoo, got an Oklahoma quarter!
  • 14:02 @Roniliquidity Welcome to twitter!
  • 14:15 yay, iPod works again!
  • 14:43 @mightymur Hee, you mentioned The Gothsicles! I have their CD, actually. :)
  • 14:51 @adamjury I was addicted to their music earlier this year.
  • 15:33 It's depressing to look at my student loan account, and realize that in 2.5 years, I've only managed to pay off $3400 of it.
  • 16:19 @thewulf Ugh, that sucks. Yah, at least I've had gradual decrease.. it's just more gradual than I would like.
  • 18:25 Please come quickly 59U!
  • 18:31 I came! It came! I am on the bus!
  • 20:24 @adamjury Only because you're on both LJ and twitter, and have to read both. I find it convenient for the folks who are only on one.
  • 20:24 I am on my deck, the evening is absolutely splendid.
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To Loudtwitter or not to Loudtwitter?

So, a couple of people have complained about tweets going to LJ, though I've gotten comments from people who are not on Twitter but read my tweets on LJ. There was a suggestion to filter, but that's A) too much effort with 150 of you, and B) stupid to keep up on when more and more of you are signing up for twitter every day, so I'm not doing that. Either this is on or off, and you guys get to decide that:

Poll #1223671 To Loudtwitter or not to Loudtwitter?

Should I stop sending my tweets to LJ?


Edit later: After looking at my loudtwitter settings, it's not possible to post to a filter group anyway, so that option is totally null. There's also only so much I can do with it because of the auto-generation aspect.
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