May 28th, 2008


Potential moving day...

So, provided my house closes on the day it's supposed to, I just did some calendar looking and realized that I don't have as many days to move as I thought I did (doh!) So, who all is available on June 14th for moving furniture three-six blocks down the street?

Yes, this is *just* furniture.

Yes, it will be easy.

Yes, I will provide beer and food of some sort to anyone who helps.

My plan is to get enough people so that there are two groups. One group moves furniture out, one group moves furniture in. We can rotate the pickup trucks (yes, pickup trucks) between the groups that way. Hopefully this will mean that the total move time is 2 hours.

Now, the caveat is.... if I'm not closed by the 14th, I'll have to delay this moving plan and TBA the date. But because I know everyone is busy, and I won't know if I'm closed until the 10th, I want to see who might be available for that day now! So, who's in, provided that's the day I move? :)
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