March 12th, 2008


RIP Howard Gobioff

I just received news that Howard died of Lymphoma. I confirmed with Wandi, so this isn't just rumour. Apparently he'd been in the hospital for the last month and didn't tell anyone about it.

I had been meaning to visit him up in NYC since he's been back from Japan. He was a fantastically good friend back in the goth club days here in Pittsburgh from '97-'99, and then he was a better friend when we both moved out to the Bay Area around the same time. I lost close touch with him when he moved to Japan, because of the time zone differences, and well... just haven't managed to get back in touch with him since.

I have missed him, and will miss him more now.
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Small wake for Howard.

I didn't want to post anything until I got permission from the Ceremony DJs for this, but both of the DJs for this Saturday have responded positively, so here it is.

Since Howard's favorite place to go while he was in Pittsburgh was Ceremony, we thought it would be a fitting place to say goodbye to him. This Saturday, March 15, friends of Howard can gather at Ceremony to dance in his memory. Bring a picture or some memorabilia or a memory about him written on a card; I will be bringing a corkboard and push pins on which we can place these. Pghgothers who are now out of town can email me same for putting on the board (I have access to printers, after all).

I'll send out a better and more official announcement after dinner tonight.