February 27th, 2008


RIP Myron Cope

Myron Cope has been a Pittsburgh icon for several decades. His Pittsburgh accent on his grating tone annoyed outsiders, but was beloved by yinzers as an endemic part of our city. A representative story of Myron Cope's influence is the one about the Terrible Towel -- he saw someone waving a large yellow towel at a Steelers game in the 70's, and remarked on the "Terrible Towel". The name stuck, and the Terrible Towel is now a franchise; Steelers fans around the country will wave their Terrible Towels to show their support for the team.

I don't often lament the passing of celebrities I don't know, but Myron Cope is such a local figure I had to post my condolences publicly. RIP Myron Cope, you will be missed.
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