December 4th, 2007


bizarre dream...

So, I had this really bizarre dream Sunday night, which has haunted me ever since.

I was hanging out with Jack and Larry, and for some reason we decided that cutting ourselves in half would be really really cool. I mean, it *really* sounded like a great idea at the time. So I did so, slicing myself as directed diagonally across the torso so that I was bifurcated in a way to lose my left limbs, but retain most of my chest.

The next thing I know, I wake up (still in the dream) and think back on my night. Then I realized that I'm only half of me, and panic... how am I supposed to walk? How am I supposed to work? How am I supposed to ... do anything really??? WHY DID THIS SOUND LIKE SUCH A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME???? I am seriously panicking in my dream, trying to figure out if there's a way that I can find the other half of me and put it back on... what hospital miracles could save me!!!

And I realized that there was no hope, and I had done something extraordinarily stupid and there was no way to undo it. And then the despair started to set in.

And that's when I woke up. For real. I checked, and yes, I still had both my halves, phew! But I really have to wonder two things:

1) Why was I dreaming about making such a phenomenally bad decision? Like, seriously, what am I worried about that I had to dream about bifurcating myself?

2) Even in dream-verse... What on earth made that sound like a good decision at the time????
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