July 17th, 2007



So, I went and looked at the iPhone, and it is pretty. But... it has two major drawbacks that meant I have like no desire for it:

1) No ssh. For the non-unix inclined out there, ssh is how I do my work. I might be able to overlook this if the phone could connect to my laptop for ssh-able intarnets, but I saw nothing on there to support that too.

2) For aesthetic purposes, the "I" key was very clearly shortened, which meant that every time I tried to press "I", I actually got "O". Given that thumbpads already piss me off*, I knew this was no good for me.

So, yah, I decided that the iPhone was indeed very pretty, but not terribly useful for me.

Apparently, though, this guy had a much stronger reaction to the iPhone. And while I don't really think the Nokia rulez ZOMG, or the iPhone is *that* objectionable... the way he elucidates his opinion made me laugh very hard.

* On a good keyboard, I type something like 120 words per minute. When my tools inhibit my typing speed, I get really irritated, because it's suddenly distracting. In fact, my current keyboard is pissing me off, because it's tough and it squeaks. Yah, I know. I'm picky.
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