July 2nd, 2007


Doctor recommendations?

So, I'd like to start seeing a doctor on the southside, since, well, I live there. Problem is, I'm picky about doctors. Does anyone have any recommendations about a doctor or practice in the southside?
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So, September 1st, my brother and I are DJing at Ceremony.

Here, let me spell this one out:

Freeptop and gwenix DJ'ing

Like, put that in your PDA, day planner, brain, whatever... and save that mofo date, yo. Because I expect all of you who can make it to be there. I'll have more details when we have them worked out, but the basic plan is that my brother will be doing the more current club electro-industrial etc club hits, while I'll be playing it more old skool (though, I am going to slip in some new alternative, dammit). Arvin (DJ Circuitry) will likely be our cohost for the evening, playing what he plays.


(Part of my problem is that I rarely get to stay for the whole night at Ceremony, but I'll be signing out of singing the next morning... which means I'll definitely want to see all my friends out when I actually have time to do some hanging out there!)
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About Transformers...

So, yah, I know it's supposed to start on July 4th, but apparently my neighborhood theater started playing it early. So, just went to see it....

Synopsis (sans spoilers) review:

1) absolutely horrible character development.
2) there is a total lack of acting abilities, though I'm not sure how much of this was due to bad direction and/or editing.
3) plot? what plot? no really, everything was obvious.

However, I'm glad I saw it. Why?

1) Dude, GIANT F***ING ROBOTS!!! I mean, seriously, GIANT F***ING ROBOTS!!!
2) Also, there's a certain amount of sentmentality involved in seeing the Transformers; and it's clear the movie was targetting the mid 20's-early 30's market. And really, the original show wasn't of the best quality, but that wasn't the point.
3) Oh, it has a lot of amusing moments, I did laugh a lot.

So, yah, my advice: If you get sad about spending money on a movie that is lacking in plot, characterization, and/or acting, then don't spend money on this movie. If you absolutely adored the Transformers as a kid (and continue to do so), go see this movie! Most likely, you who are on my list are probably some combination of the two things; so I actually advise deciding how much money you want to throw at your sentimentality and live with it. :)

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