June 7th, 2007



After reading this article in the NYTimes, I felt I should post my own recent experience.
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So, the point of my long drawn out story is not just amusement for y'all, it's also useful notes I learned:

1) Even if you don't need a passport right now, get one. It's much less hassle than trying to get one expedited when you will need one.
2) If you do need a passport expedited, take a day off work and find the closest passport agency to camp out in.
3) If you have a passport application in, and are worried that it will not come in time for your trip, pester them. If you have to, take a day off work and go camp out in your local passport agency office. Frighteningly enough, you'll actually want to do this at the two-week mark, because then they'll put you at priority status.

What I really learned from this experience is that the passport offices really are trying very hard to accomodate everyone who has to travel; but they do need some help in getting it done because they're so inundated. You can help them by either, getting the passport you don't need yet (by the time you need it, you'll be adding to the strain of the system), or by pestering them about your needs to remind them of your status.
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