March 27th, 2007


Best. Spam. Ever.

I just thought this spam was great. I redacted the urls and email information so that I'm not feeding their advertising more, it's the content that got me.

From: Bureau of Morality - Year 0000 Search [email redacted]

To: gwenix@gmail
Date: 26 Mar 2007 22:38:11 -0700

[initialize: dcs1000 v24.5.3]
[identified: url redacted]
[identified: url redacted]
[identified: url redacted]
||||| date-time failure |||||
[resume search]
[identified: gwenix@gmail]
[end trace]



The Bureau of Morality has identified you as A CONSUMER OF DISSIDENT MATERIAL.

This is a one time warning.  Any further attempts to view, consume, or distribute un-american content will result in the loss of citizenship increments and/or the imposition of fines, penalties, or imprisonment.

You have choices.  Make the RIGHT ones.

For further information on making good choices, visit [url redacted]


Bureau of Morality
One Nation Under God

Edit later: Bah, I've just been told this is actually NIN new album advertisment. Well, that makes it much less entertaining. I want real spam that randomly shows up telling me I'm UN-AMERICAN!
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Interesting Time article... not in U.S. Time...

This article on the Taliban in Pakistan is incredibly interesting, and illuminating for the politics of that region. It tells a story of a Pakistani government that is left helpless in the turmoil of conflicted support domestically and internationally while the Taliban takeover more and more of the country, setting up training camps in the open.

Given the Bush Administration's party lines, you'd think that this was their biggest target; but Cheney's visit apparently only solidified our support with the helpless president. In fact, we're planning to send him $75 million for taking care of the Taliban problem. I am given to wonder how effective this can be, since most of the constituency for this president is more and more controlled by that Taliban (another thing the article elucidates is that the Taliban have very little support, but they do control much of the population through fear.)

Also, I should point out that it sickens me that this article is not in the U.S. version of Time Magazine. While Time: Asia, Time: South Pacific, and Time: Europe are running this article, Time: U.S.A. is running an article on "Why We Should Teach The Bible in Public Schools". We are the very audience who needs to see this information, but it is not being given out to our masses. Why?

I think that question is not very simply answered; consider that the editors of Time are publishing the information, so it's not that they don't want it themselves. Also consider that the Bush Administration is not actually in control of them, so it's not a simple case of "The Bush Administration can't have this information given us." It's more a question rooted in... Why would the publishers of Time consider that the American Public itself does not want to see this article? Because that is the crux of matter, and that's the question I really can't answer.

Thanks to popejeremy for pointing this out, btw.
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