March 13th, 2007


Analog TV is dead! Long live ... yah, OK.

Analog TV is going away, and you can get $40 coupons for purchasing Digital to Analog signal boxes. Interesting news. I have a couple of disparate comments here.

So, how is most of the public supposed to find this out? Granted, this is set to happen by 2009, so there's two years to do this, but I watch broadcast TV and haven't seen this on the airwaves. Shouldn't there be public service announcements of this on the medium that will get to the people who, y'know, use it? What's the deal here?

Second comment is more one of confusion. I can't figure this out:

Digital television will provide consumers with a clearer picture, more programming and will free up much needed spectrum for advanced wireless broadband services and interoperable communications among emergency first responders.

OK, so it's the emergency first responders part that has me confused. So how is this different from dialing 911? Is this supposed to be some embedded signal to let people know when you're in trouble, whether or not you call it in? Or is it just piece of the spectrum dedicated to EMS communications? I don't know. I know that Homeland Security is funding this, so it could be any of the above or more. Anyone out there know more about this?

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to get this word out, since it's a fairly important announcement. Too important to leave unnoticed anyway.
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