May 26th, 2006


Ugh, I got meme-tagged...

eriktheplaid tagged me here, then pointed out the entry via IM (yah, I know I suck at reading LJ unless pointed), so I'm chaining the meme back out.

So, I keep a running tally of what I'm listening to on But currently it shows this lineup:

1. Дмитрий Шостакович - Hamlet Act 4.2 - The King Is Brought On 2. Claudius' Monologue (Note: This is Shostokovich)
2. U2 - Exit
3. Sonic Youth - Secret Girl
4. Johnny Cash - Flesh and Blood
5. Fektion Fekler - Tragedy Solution (32Oz. mix)
6. Dead Kennedys - Cesspools in Eden
7. Chumbawamba - Just Look at Me Now
8. Billy Bragg & Wilco - Somebody Some Morning Sometime
9. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
10. Faith No More - Everything's Ruined

Feel free to infer what you want to from that lineup. :)

I'm going to randomly tag people, just because:

1. dorothymonkey
2. ghostsandrobots
3. balseraph
4. oneirophrenia
5. thebitterguy

And by "randomly", I mean that I closed my eyes, moved the mouse around in my user info page, and typed in whomever the mouse landed on! Any of you who actually *want* to participate in this silliness are welcome to.
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