May 23rd, 2006


oh, yah, hi. Update.

The concerts over the weekend went really well. It was very good to see 5eh, plexq, bluelang, and magentamom in from out of town... even though I saw them just a few weeks ago at the wedding. I am always happy to see them!

My major crunch time at work is over, so I finally have respite. We're looking for a new coworker, though. I'm also getting to finally get working on longer term projects, which is nice.

On the other hand, the pool is closed for maintenance until mid-June, which sucks. I'd been so busy with the crunch time, I haven't gone in a while, and today I get time and find out it's closed! Waaah!

I'm looking forward to the Dead Man's Party coming up. And to meeting UrsulaV at Anthrocon in mid-June finally, since it's in town this year (I was going to try to head out to meet her in Philly last year, but didn't get there, doh!) And then, of course, to ORIGINS!!!!

OK, that would be the highlights. Whee!
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That dirty word that starts with L...

I'm going to point to Mexico's current election campaign. Why? Well, in all the debate about closing borders, no one's actually gone and looked at Mexico itself. Here we have a Leftist (Populist) candidate vs. a Rightist (big business) candidate, very plainly so, and with all the dirt slinging, neither is able to focus on how to strengthen Mexico's economy so that people don't feel the need to run across the border.

I just don't understand the whole "strengthen our border" crap, to be frank. Strengthen the country behind the border, and the problem goes away. It's really that simple. But with elections like that, I fear that Mexico isn't close to getting there ... And in that light, I hope the populist guy wins.
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