December 15th, 2005


It's a nightmare out there.

So, today the temperature was varying between just below freezing and just above freezing, and it was precipitating the whole time. Which means, it poured down rain, then it snowed, then it hailed/snowed/rained, then it rained again, then it iced....

OK, so my office party was today, so I had not only my laptop bag on me going home, but a paper bag full of salad makings and bowl. I got to the bus stop carrying all of this stuff, and heard some lady complaining on her cell phone about waiting for buses that didn't come. I saw a bus fly past, not stopping. So I asked her how long she'd been waiting... "over an hour." Yah, I decided it was time to walk to a later bus stop (I figured if I got a few blocks up, the buses would be more likely to stop).

On my way up Beeler I then saw a bus *sliding* its way downhill. The sign on it said, "Going to Garage". And I also realized that the traffic going uphill (outbound) was not moving. It wasn't long before I put two and two together, and realized that the only buses on the road were being sent to the garage to wait out the weather.

So, I got to walk the mile.5 home. And I was actually glad about it... the sidewalk was *much* better than the road, since the sidewalk was only slush and the road was an inch of water on top of ice. I watched both a Jeep Cherokee and a UPS truck spin in place on the black ice in places that weren't very steep. I was glad I wasn't driving.

As for me, my paper bag finally broke two blocks from home, and my clothes (all five layers of them) were completely soaked through. I'm on my way to a very hot bath and warm, dry clothes now.

So, yah, if you're in Pittsburgh... cancel all of your plans tonight and stay inside.
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