December 13th, 2005


Well, we all knew it was coming...

Dear White Wolf Users,

Like many other well-known companies of the last few years, White Wolf was the target of an attack by international hackers this weekend. These hackers are now attempting to extort money from us with the threat of posting user data to the internet. We have no intention of paying this money, and are in contact with the FBI in an attempt to bring these criminals to justice.

We are choosing to make this public so that our users and fans can take any precautions needed to protect themselves. We are recommending that if you have used your White Wolf user password as the password for any other services you use on the internet, that you change them immediately.

These hackers were able to exploit a flaw in our software and access user data, this data included usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. As far as we can ascertain, they were unable to access any credit card data (nor have they claimed they did). However, it is possible for the encrypted passwords they accessed to be decrypted given enough time.

In addition, the site will be down for the next few days while we evaluate some of the software we are using and take appropriate action to help prevent future attacks.

We appreciate your patience and concern while we work through the details of this process.

In addition to this posting we will be emailing our userbase with this information. For correspondence regarding this, please direct all queries to .

I didn't realize there'd be blackmail involved though. Interestingly, I got this information from Ben Peal.. wish he'd have stayed online long enough for me to say howdy though. :)

Anyway, anyone who has accounts there should take heed. Change passwords for similar accounts across the net, and if you've ever had a credit card there, run, don't walk, to your bank.
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More on WW

Since LJ is being weird and I can't edit the last post to include this, I am making it a separate post:

OK, I thought of a silver lining to the hacking of White Wolf's site..... perhaps now they'll have a site design that isn't reminiscent of a college freshmen discovering the web for the very first time in 1996.

Seriously White Wolf, professional site designs go a long way for PR. No, seriously. Oh, and while I'm at it, may I suggest navigation that is actually useable? Thank you.
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