December 9th, 2005


Wintery Meme thing.

Posting the first sentence of each month from the year, is the meme. Figured I'd see what happened:

January: Pictures from my past week of hoilday fun.
February: Since he saw fit to post a giant picture of colloquial food, I shall return with a giant picture of a Pittsburgh favorite...
March: I got a recruiter call this morning, she's going to try to get me hired at the NetApp facility in Cranberry.
April: This ran as Pitt News' April Fools article.
May: Thanks to my wonderful and fantabulous brother, I am sitting on the new powerbook at the Beehive right now.
June: I'm trying out some voice over IP software:
July: Origins was awesome this year; I had a fantastic time!
August: "Wanna get laid tonight?"
September: This is a really fantastic interview with NOLA's mayor.
October: When I did the bitter update the other day, I forgot to say the very good thing that has happened this year.
November: So when did VNV Nation become the greatest sports theme of all time?
December: So, on a whim I went to my audioscrobbler page and found that it'd turned into my page.

Hmmm, it's been a long year. Overall it's been a good one, despite some bitterness over unemployment a couple months ago. I seem to be doing pretty well now. I'll eventually do a wrapup sorta thing, or not, since sometimes I forget.
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