November 18th, 2005


random quiz

Here's a random quiz, since I have very little else worthwhile to say right now:

Collapse )

OK, I'll also say something worthwhile, a bit of an update:

1. it snowed yesterday. woo!

2. I got carded at the BBT last night. woo!

3. My job sucks and I hate it, and they gave me this monitor that sucks, and... ok, ok, this isn't true, I'm just posting it for mg4h :)

4. random data for dutin, as a result of a conversation at the BBT:

Date created: 2002-04-09 02:43:56
Date updated: 2005-11-16 14:27:56, 2 days ago
Journal entries: 1,601
Comments: Posted: 2,574 - Received: 4,206

Hmm, I guess I post a lot too.

5. I've lost another 5 lbs.

6. I got a solo for the RCC concert, which I'm still trying to figure out why I got. :)

So, yah, all in all, things are going pretty well, I guess.