September 8th, 2005


Ab. Ms. Bush.

I'm sure her comments were broadcast and lamblasted in so many LJs, so I will only make the one comment of my own:

Let them eat cake.
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Oh yah, concert tomorrow night.

I'm singing in the Cabaret at ELPC tomorrow evening. Details:

Join us for a musical extravaganza on Friday evening at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary, as the ELPC Chancel Choir presents âœA Cabaret Evening of Fun and Songâ with solos, duets, ensemble pieces, Karaoke, pipe organ, Vaudeville skits and original songs. $10 donation at the door, benefits ELPCâ™s Organ Restoration Project.

ELPC is the big cathedral in the middle of Penn Circle in East Liberty. To get there, you can just follow Penn, Center, or Highland Ave towards East Liberty and look for the big spire tower. Or just locate it by knowing it's one block from Abay!

It should be a fun concert if y'all can come out. I'll be one of the Three Little Maids. :)
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