September 2nd, 2005


More on NOLA

Someone from NOLA just passed this to me as a "must read". It is indeed powerful, and puts some more things going on there in perspective. Also, I'd like to point out this paragraph from his account, which contrasts (and probably explains) the Mayor's frustration:

Louisiana politics is famously corrupt, but with the tragedies of this week
our political leaders have defined a new level of incompetence. As
hurricane Katrina approached, our Governor urged us to "Pray the hurricane
down" to a level two. Trapped in a building two days after the hurricane,
we tuned our battery-operated radio into local radio and tv stations, hoping
for vital news, and were told that our governor had called for a day of
prayer. As rumors and panic began to rule, they was no source of solid
dependable information. Tuesday night, politicians and reporters said the
water level would rise another 12 feet - instead it stabilized. Rumors
spread like wildfire, and the politicians and media only made it worse.