August 9th, 2005


Bonnie's singing the dollar song

Dooooooooo, blackcatbon and I just saw Sin City for a BUCK! Yah, we'd both seen it before, but seeing it again on the big screen was just too tempting. And for A BUCK!

I *heart* the dollar theater. I'm thinking of seeing if I could get peeps together for dollar theater runs to occur semi-regularly. Anyone in?

As Bonnie just said, "People! Interested! Bam! CHEAP!" And now she's singing the dollar song again. :)

WoW crud.

slog, ralphmelton and anyone else I just ditched out on... World of Warcraft suddenly lagged out and disconnected me from Shadow Council while I was trying to loot something. Then I got onto Earthen Ring and lagged out on there. So, I'm giving up for the night and reading my Philip K Dick. :)

Stupid memory leaks in the game. I wish someone at Blizzard would recognize this issue.
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