July 26th, 2005


omgwtfbbqlol... g2g!

In world of warcraft tonight, I had a ... conversation. I'll say "me" for me, and "sk" for "some kid" I was talking to (later conversation revealed the kid is 15 in life as well as level)...

sk yells: Anyone got lvl 15 shoulders?
me yells: My shoulders have not been level 15 for quite some time.
sk: Can I see them?
me: Oh, that was a joke, I'm sorry.
sk: oh, lol
me: what kind do you need, cloth, leather, mail..?
sk: leather
me: alas.
sk: Oh! Can I have them?
me: Do you know what "alas" means?
sk: no.


Was I like this when I was 15? No, really? I don't just mean this guy, I mean the kids I see online in general... I only dimly recall my high school years, and I know I was pretty dumb in a lot of ways, but *this* dumb?