July 4th, 2005


Home from Origins.

Origins was awesome this year; I had a fantastic time!

A short wrapup:
  • I spent a lot of time every day in Looney Labs' Big Experiment room running games, and that was just wonderful fun (except for the Laughing Guy, but I can only tell that story IRL, so catch me sometime).
  • Thursday night I got to hang out with the usual crew at the bar and had a blast.
  • Friday night we crashed the lame GoO party, but at least I got to dance a bit.
  • Saturday night the Wendts had the fantastic BBQ (as every year) and we played Dogs in the Vineyard with Carl, which was just excellent.
  • Sunday (today) I finished being a Rabbit (see the Looney Labs stuff) early, so wandered about a bit and said goodbye to everyone and the Con.

    Random details from the weekend that amused me:
  • When I was in the kids' area to find Julian, a young girl came up to me and told me my hair was just like Lavagirl's.
  • Pooka jumping up and down to jingle the bell around her neck in order to scare the hell out of some gamerboy.
  • Wandering about the Dealer Room with Carl hunting Looney promo cards and bantering about various things.
  • Hitting the Mongolian BBQ the first night with a bunch of Rabbits I just met, and really finding them to be wonderful people.

    I always hate leaving Origins every year. But man, I had such a FANTASTIC time.

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