May 16th, 2005


exim MTA

Has anyone used exim? Can you make recommendations about it?

I'm looking at it currently, and on the surface it looks like it might be useful. Specifically, I'm wondering if it has sendmail configuration and if it works with postgres (I'm comparing it to postfix).

OK, now I'm looking to see how it scales -- I'm researching this for a high-end environment.
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For you Allegheny County voters tomorrow...

There's a question on tomorrow's ballot, which is turning into my major motivation for going to the polls... no, it's not the mayoral race....

Allegheny County Home Rule Charter Amendment

Shall the Allegheny County Home Rule Charter be amended to: a) replace the Clerk of Courts, Jury Commissioners, Prothonotary and Register of Wills with an appointed Director of Court Records; b) replace the Coroner with an appointed Medical Examiner, retaining all powers enumerated in 16 Pennsylvania Statutes Sections 4232-4248; and c) replace the Recorder of Deeds with an appointed Real Estate Manager; each appointment by the County Manager commencing upon expiration of the elected officials' current term?


Seriously, look at that closely... "Can we replace ELECTED positions with APPOINTED ones?" ... that's anti-democracy right there folks.

Wtf? And I bet it'll pass too. Gaaaah!
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