March 13th, 2005


A pothole ate my car!

So I was going down Bigelow Blvd (a mini-highway sorta for those out of town), and I'm dodging most of the potholes... but the one I didn't see got me. My car thunked very violently, and I thought I blew a tire. But! There are no pull over places on that road, so I just had to pray until I got off and found a place to pull over.

Then, my car started to make a rattling sound. Then the smoke started to show.

I was *terrified*. I had no idea what was going on, and it was getting harder to drive as I got off the first exit and made my way towards a street with parking.

Fortunately, I got there, and just in time as the transmission fluid started *pouring* out of my car.

It's been towed, I'm praying that it's not the transmission itself. If it is, I have no car.
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