March 5th, 2005


synthpop punk?

So, on one of my random punk comps, I found this song that I kept sorting into synthpop, but the lyrics kept striking me. So I finally looked the band (trigger10d) up online, and they do list themselves as punk.

I bought the CD. :)

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game last night, stuff...

So the game last night was major infodump... I was a bit nervous about this because I wasn't sure how to design that out. I finally just decided to have an idea of who might be about, what they should find out, and give the players the reigns for how they wanted to investigate. I proved to myself that I could come up with a lot of stuff just flying by the seat of my pants, but now I'm struggling to remember what all I did!

I want to write up what was up last night again, but I was too tired/braindead when I got home last night, and now I'm about to run off to an IMC meeting, then to swimming. The story will continue soon, I swear it!

This is mostly just a note to my players that when I finally do write it up, please please PLEASE fill in any details I missed via comments!
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whoa.. swimming good.

(X-posted to lifestylerevamp)

So, as background: At the beginning of the semester, I could barely do a 25 butterfly alone. That would waste me right there, no more swimming for the day.

Today I did a 400 IM, sorta. First of all, a 400 IM means 100 each of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, in that order. By "sorta", I mean I took a 15 second break after each 25 of the first Flies... but no break for the rest. This is something I *could not do* just two months ago. And now I'm planning how I'll reduce that break until I can do a 400 IM by the end of the semester. When I reflected on this, I got amazed and had to post.

Of course, right now my pecs hurt.... but then again, it's neat that I have them now.
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