February 13th, 2005


About Ward Churchill...

Since I figure this is my most noteworthy opinion I've had of politics recently, I repaste an IRC conversation about Ward Churchill:

*jeff* hold on I'll see if cpsan is showing him again
-> *jeff* nah, is ok.
-> *jeff* it's a stupid witch hunt
*jeff* and from what I understand they media is distoring what he said
-> *jeff* he wrote the stuff up years ago, and the right wingers are putting
+this forward NOW so that they can over up the fact that GWB is announcing
+that the medicaire drug prices have to be raised twofold.
-> *jeff* further, he's just cut all funding to early childhood education,
+though that's not as important to the public


Yah, didn't anyone else notice the timing there? OMG WE HAVE TO ANNOUNCE A FUCKUP! OMG, LET'S FIND SOMETHING INCINDIARY FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Give me a break.
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