December 21st, 2004


argh! Help pick me up in Erie!

So, there's a very long story involved with this, which I might tell later when I'm not pissy. But I'm now scheduled to arrive in Erie a day later than I originally planned, and my mom has refused to pick me up.

Can someone save me from a crappy wait in Erie for a bus to Pittsburgh and pick me up there? Here's my arrival info:

12/23/04 03:40pm LFL-0011 * Arrive ERIE, PA

The bus station is easy:

Take I-79 towards Erie.
The first exit after the I-90 interchange is the Kearsarge exit, take that.
At the end of the ramp, turn right.
Follow that road until you get to a Borders/Barnes and Noble place (I forget which), and turn left from the middle lane.
Get into the right lane, because the greyhound bus station is just past the next light on the right (at the corner of a mini-strip mall, next to a failed Ponderosa).

Drop me a message on this post before tomorrow night if you can, I'll contact you from there.

Thank you in advance!
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