November 23rd, 2004


I'm so on break now.

Oh man, I'm so on break now. Ok, yes, I have another day of classes, and I'm going to them.... but ALL OF MY HELL PROJECTS FROM THIS WEEKEND ARE DONE!!!!!!


Btw, I'm going to slog's and plexq's place for thanksgiving again this year, so I'll not be online much between Wednesday and Sunday. But I will take pictures!

Happy turkey (or tofurkey) eating day everyone!
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The Power of Nightmares

I'm watching a british series, "The Power of Nightmares" now ... and boy is it ... incredible. I have read hints of this stuff from time to time, but never really put it all together. And I never realized the significance of Professor Strauss (though I'd read reference to neocons taking his teachings before).

Did you know that the neocons' idol preached that personal/Individual freedom is bad? It is the seeds of corruption, because individuals are inherently greedy, meanwhile a group morality adherence somehow fixes this.

No seriously, that's what he taught.

And the way to bring America back to a groupthink mentality? Well, you create a mythic battle between good and evil, where America is the upholder of values, and goodness, standing against the bad guy. You don't have to believe in it privately, but your public life should be dedicated to it. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE TAUGHT.

Who was one of his most avid students? Paul Wolfowitz.

Oh, and by the way, most of the Bush Administration were also his students.

And they've been around actively influencing politics for ALL OF MY LIFE. That's what gets me, in a democracy that's supposed to upheave the people in control at least once every eight years, these guys have been around for over thirty. And they're into global dominance and removal of your rights... which is exactly totalitarianism.

It only makes me think that the people are very gullible, because they elected these assholes back into power. For fuck's sake, people, wake up and smell the coffee.

Anyway, I'm only halfway through the first episode, but I heartily recommend "The Power of Nightmares" to everyone. It's a stunning documentary.